Why Concrete?

With a lot of different options available when it comes to choosing surfacing for your patio, walkway, ect., it can be difficult deciding what to go for. Below are four reasons that a lot of people end up going with concrete. Hopefully it will help you make your decision. And remember, if you have any questions, be sure to contact us by calling (330) 401-1979 or use our contact page.

1. Concrete is Durable:

The durability of concrete is one of the most important reasons that lots of people end up choosing concrete for their surfacing. With concrete being one of the strongest and long lasting building materials available today, it’s really an easy choice. Cornerstone Concrete makes the concrete even more durable by adding two coats of sealer to the concrete to protect it from spills, scratches and UV rays. Also, to protect the concrete from Ohio’s harsh weather, we are really careful when reinforcing the concrete.

2. Concrete Costs Less:

You will probably pay 50% less when going with concrete instead of brick, stone, slate or wood. And the great thing is, Cornerstone Concrete can make your concrete look like you were using brick, stone or slate.

3. Concrete is Low Maintenance:

With concrete you don’t have to worry about anything shifting or moving like you would need to with other natural materials. Plus, weed doesn’t grow through concrete. And unlike wood decks, that take lots of maintenance, concrete doesn’t deteriorate near as fast. Simply put, decorative concrete is quick and easy to maintain.

4. Concrete Can Be Customized:

With the use of forms, Cornerstone Concrete can make almost any shape you want. Plus concrete can come in many different colors with lots of different patterns or textures. On the other hand, other materials only have a limited amount of styles. Your home is special and we delight in designing each job with your exact thoughts and ideas. So, whatever style you come up with, we can make it for you.

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