Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How Long Does It Take To Complete A Concrete Job?

A: The time frame for concrete jobs can vary quite a bit. It all depends on how big the job is and on the details that a customer requires. On average it takes us three days. One day to get everything setup, one day to pour the concrete, one day to detail and seal the concrete.

Q: Does Decorative Stamped Concrete Look Fake?

A: Our professional workers at Cornerstone Concrete will make your concrete look like it’s not concrete. You may have seen some stamped concrete already and not even realized that it was concrete.

Q: Does Stamped Concrete Need A Lot Of Maintenance?

A: There are two things you need to know about stamped concrete. Number One, You do not need to do any maintenance at all to keep the concrete durable. Number Two, Concrete will fade a little as it gets older. While some customers like this, some would rather have the nice look when the concrete was first poured. To get this look you need to re-seal the concrete. Cornerstone Concrete recommends re-sealing your concrete every two years.

Q: How Do You Color The Concrete?

A: There are two ways to color concrete. The way that Cornerstone Concrete uses and prefers is the integral color method. This is when the color is mixed into the concrete before it is poured. This makes sure that the color is throughout the concrete. The second way is called the color hardener method. For this method you add the color to the concrete after the concrete is already poured.

Q: What Effect Does Winter Have On Stamped Concrete?

A: Stamped Concrete is extremely durable and winter months don’t really affect it. Concrete can out live the snowiest and coldest of winters without any problems.

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